Why the Digital Licence?

Students interact with online communities at school and at home – that are continually evolving in sophistication. The challenges that go hand-in-hand are also constantly changing.

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At school

Educate your students using the online safety program recommended by Australian teachers, the eSmart Digital Licence.

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Technology, the associated risks and ways to identify them are continually changing, particularly as students progress through their school years.

The eSmart Digital Licence education program offers three different versions – Junior Primary, Primary and Secondary – that are regularly updated and teach children about current and changing online risks, as well as how to best manage them. It embraces the best of technology, while reducing its associated risks.

It is the most comprehensive online education program for children available in Australia and is the best qualification to have for student protection and security.

With 80% correct required to gain the qualification, the eSmart Digital Licence teaches students something new every time it needs to be retaken with its 400+ randomised questions. Audio is there to help students with lower literacy levels.
The eight modules of the eSmart Digital Licence can be easily delivered in class, and teacher resources and supporting activities are also available.

Aligned with the Australian curriculum, the eSmart Digital Licence is endorsed by the Office of the eSafety Commissioner and was Highly Commended in the 2015 Australia and New Zealand Internet Awards (ANZIA) for Security and Safety.


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At home

Protect your children by giving them the knowledge to be smart, safe and responsible online with the eSmart Digital Licence.

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Just as you make sure your child is safe in the real world, you need to help ensure the same applies in the online world.

With kids getting online earlier and earlier, it’s so important that you help keep them safe – and teach them how to make the right decisions, regardless of their age.

While the internet is an amazing tool for communication and education, everyone also needs to understand the downside of it: exposure to inappropriate content, sexual exploitation, fraud and scams, as well as bullying. These are just some of the hazards your kids are exposed to on a regular basis.

As a parent, what can you do?

  • Take an interest in – and understand - what your kids are doing online.
  • Make talking about the online world part of every day conversations with your kids.
  • Set house rules about internet access and usage.
  • Educate yourself. Know what services, games etc your kids are using and familiarise yourself with the types of interactions, privacy settings and reporting mechanisms.
  • Educate your kids – and the easiest way to do this is through the eSmart Digital Licence, Australia’s #1 online safety education program.

When kids are equipped with knowledge, it gives them power to make better decisions.

By doing these things and talking often about your children’s online world, they are much more likely to come to you if they run into trouble, which is exactly what you want.

One thing you can’t plan for is the controls (if any) that other parents have in place for their kids – at a sleepover you have no idea what kids might be doing online. This is another reason why it’s so important for children to have the knowledge to make the right choices online.