Digital Licence for Parents

Equip children with digital skills to help protect them online


Created by cyber safety experts, teachers and psychologists, the Digital Licence is a must have resource to keep your children safe online

Give your children the confidence to be smart, safe and responsible online.

Here are just some of the reasons
why your children should have a Digital Licence

Engaging and interactive

The online quiz is designed especially for children and young adults by providing strategies and tools to remain safe online.

Empowers positive decisions

Educates on how to embrace the benefits of the online world in a safe and responsible manner and to make informed smart choices.

Applicable to real life scenarios

Uses examples to illustrate real life concepts – allowing children to explore the consequences of their decisions in a safe environment.

Suitable for all ages

Choose between 2 certification with age appropriate content - under 13 years or for 13+.

Encourages communication

Provides additional resources for parents to learn the key elements of the digital environment to gain confidence and engage in a digital conversation with their children.

Aligned to educational needs

Aligned with the national school curriculum within Digital Technologies, Health & PE, Literacy & Numeracy.

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Over 200,000 students are becoming smart, safe and responsible online.



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Next year we will be using social networks and it’s important to know if you’re making the right decision on the internet.


It teaches things you may not know, and it also keeps you aware of the harmful things online.