Digital Licence for Students

Empower your student/child to make informed online choices.


An engaging and interactive online challenge designed for children and young people.

Everyday children and young people are exposed to risks online when they do their homework, communicate with friends and even when playing online games.

Having the right tools and strategies to be safe online is a great start to protecting themselves and their digital reputation.

Suitable for all ages with a 13Plus certification and an under 13, children learn by completing quiz questions across a range of key topic areas. Using real life examples, decision making and consequences can be explored safely.

Who teaches your child about online safety?

Created by cyber safety experts, teachers and psychologists, the Digital Licence is a must have resource to keep your children safe online

The Digital Licence was ‘Highly Commended’ in the 2015 Australia & New Zealand Internet Awards (ANZIA) for Security and Safety and Certified by the Office of the Children’s eSafety Commissioner.

Why the Digital Licence?

Know your device!

Learn vital information on viruses, privacy concerns and safe apps. Know how to best protect your devices for longevity.

Make the right choice!

All that is done on the internet is permanent, whether communicating, sharing images or searching, everything you do is tracked and is forming your digital reputation. So make it a positive one!

Communicate Safely!

Whether under 13 or 13 plus and are already using social media platforms, know how to communicate Safely, be aware of “online friends” and how to monitor these.

Use your knowledge!

When communicating online, playing games and searching use your knowledge and tools learnt to make safe choices.

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It teaches things you may not know, and it also keeps you aware of the harmful things online.

Next year we will be using social networks and it’s important to know if you’re making the right decision on the internet.

I think it is good because you get to see if you’re good with cybersafety and if you are not you can learn a lot.

I honestly can say that one of the most impressive programs my daughter’s primary school participated in was the eSmart Digital Licence. I am proud and relieved as a parent that it prepared her to be a thoughtful and safe user of technology. I have recognised this, especially in hindsight, upon my daughter finishing primary school and entering highschool.  It has enabled her independence to navigate the internet with confidence and the knowledge to make good choices.  I am grateful that she had this opportunity.