One aspect that appealed to me is how the eSmart Digital Licence also fosters continuing adult involvement in their children’s online lives. In our experience, this is a critical factor in ensuring that they learn how to be safe – and stay safe – online.

Chris Chapman – Chairman, Australian Communications and Media Authority

This is a unique program. It really does provide a great platform and opportunities to discuss essential cybersafety topics. I can’t wait to use this in the classroom.

Matthew Brand – ICT Co-ordinator, Coral Park Primary School

Students completed one module per week so I could support those students who had questions. It took us ten weeks to successfully complete the program.

Tracy Thornton – Highton Primary School

The kids were crazy over it! They just ate it up and were so gung ho about completing the program. Some students took it home to complete and our parent community was rapt!

Dianne Nowinski – Bethany Catholic School

The Digital Licence helps young people understand how to behave respectfully and appropriately online. This is not just a quiz, it is a genuine learning tool created by educational experts.

Sandra Craig – National Centre Against Bullying

I adore it. I don’t know every product that’s out there, but this is the first one that’s been memorable. It has the right balance of serious and game.

Dr Justin Coulson – Parenting Expert

It teaches things you may not know, and it also keeps you aware of the harmful things online.


Next year we will be using social networks and it’s important to know if you’re making the right decision on the internet.


I think it is good because you get to see if you’re good with cybersafety and if you are not you can learn a lot.


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