About Secondary

When kids reach Secondary school, even more time is spent online: learning, socialising, as well as gaming. Socialising online in particular presents a minefield of issues, from cyber bullying, to trolling and peer pressure. The Secondary version explores the following topics in further detail (relevant to teens), and features a module dedicated to relationships and reputations.

What we cover in the Secondary module

Digital devices

Software updates, virus types, mobile security and apps, caring for devices, pop-ups, cloud vs local storage.

Protecting privacy

Passwords, scams and protecting private information, malware types, storage and privacy.

Searching & researching

Search engines and filters, file downloading and offensive content, access restrictions, dealing with disturbing content, original ideas vs other ideas.

Creating & sharing

Copyright and plagiarism, images and videos, acceptable use agreements, flagging and tagging, the 'reach' of online posts.

Social networking & gaming

Digital rights and responsibilities, social media and gaming, cyber bullying types.

Communicating safely online

Instant messaging, emailing and video calling.

Credits, coins & tokens

Online transactions, website security and fraud, parents' online accounts, cost of data and downloading.

Relationships & reputations

Fake accounts, cyber bullying, and managing friends online, photo permissions.

As with all versions of the eSmart Digital Licence, parent and teacher resources are easy to access and understand – so you know what you’re talking about with every module!

When all topics are successfully completed, users receive an eSmart Digital Licence – in recognition of having the skills and knowledge to safely explore the wonderful world of online technology.