About Primary

By this age, the majority of kids have spent a lot of time online – at home and in the classroom. The Primary version progresses online learning to cover more information about privacy, searching, sharing, gaming, social networking, risky behaviours and cyber bullying.

What we cover in the Primary module

Digital devices

Software updates, virus types, mobile security and apps, caring for devices, pop-ups, cloud vs local storage.

Protecting privacy

Passwords, scams and protecting private information, malware types, storage and privacy.

Searching & researching

Search engines and filters, file downloading and offensive content, access restrictions, dealing with disturbing content, original ideas vs other ideas.

Creating & sharing

Copyright and plagiarism, images and videos, acceptable use agreements, flagging and tagging, the 'reach' of online posts.

Social networking & gaming

Digital rights and responsibilities, social media and gaming, cyber bullying types

Communicating safely online

Instant messaging, emailing and video calling.

Credits, coins & tokens

Online transactions, website security and fraud, parents' online accounts, cost of data and downloading.

Friends & strangers

Fake accounts, cyber bullying, and managing friends online, photo permissions.

Tricky subjects are covered in a fun and engaging way, and parent and teacher resources are readily available so you’re across what your kids and students are learning and can help wherever it’s needed.

When all topics are successfully completed, users receive their very own eSmart Digital Licence – and know how to safely explore the wonderful world of online technology.