About Digital Licence

What do you know about how your children spend their time online?

Are they socialising, gaming or chatting? Do you know who they’re playing games with or sending pictures to?
Do they know?

Created by cyber safety experts, teachers and psychologists, the eSmart Digital Licence is a must-have online safety education program that teaches children good behaviour and how to deal with bad behaviour online.

Using real life scenarios, it’s a comprehensive course designed to help children to learn and remember. Featuring eight key topics, the eSmart Digital Licence includes elements to encourage children to stay focused while they’re learning; a quiz, the ability to re-take sections, text to voice and more.

While your kids are learning, you can learn too. You can get your eSmart Digital Licence with your children, watch them and discuss as you go or integrate it into your dinner time conversation. Online safety is a growing concern and given the massive adoption of digital devices, it should be a regular topic for discussion between children and their parents, carers and teachers.

When all topics are successfully completed, users receive their personalised eSmart Digital Licence which they can print and display it to show their family and friends. If they choose to at a later time they can go back and refresh the topics, or read updated information and articles on cyber safety.

With a Digital Licence for children as young as four years old, it’s never too early to start.

Download the eSmart Digital Licence Factsheet here.

We’ve developed three versions of the eSmart Digital Licence for different stages of learning and interacting online.

Foundation to Grade 2

Junior Primary

Juniors join Buddy Bear on an adventure, learning how to take care of devices, how to search and play games safely, as well as the importance of being friendly and kind.

The Junior Primary eSmart Digital Licence is currently only compatible with mouse-enabled devices.

Grade 4 to Grade 6


This covers the importance of digital reputation, privacy, gaming, in-app purchasing, traps, and screen-time implications, as well as friends and strangers.

Grade 7 to Grade 9


This version focuses more on socialising online and addresses the problematic issues of risky behaviours online, messaging and location-based apps; technology addiction, obsession and compulsion; relationships, reputation and digital footprint.

With the eSmart Digital Licence, you are:

Protecting children

By developing critical digital skills, you’re helping protect students against cyber bullying, privacy breaches, scams, fraud, identity theft as well as exposure to inappropriate content.

Empowering positive decisions

Children learn to embrace the benefits of the online world and to make smart choices. The real-life situations let children explore the cost of their choices in a safe space.

Encouraging communication

Parents and teachers also learn key elements of the online setting to gain confidence and discuss them with their children and students.

Checking progress

Your personal dashboard lets you see where a child's – or a full class’s – progress. You can easily see topics where more work may be needed for some children and where others are racing through.

Providing comprehensive and flexible learning at school and home

Every teacher, parent and child is different. Adapt the eight hours of online learning with pre-teaching and resources, both at school and at home.

Seamlessly integrating digital learning into your curriculum

eSmart Digital Licence is aligned with the Australian and Victorian Curriculum (with other states to soon follow) and can be incorporated across technical, ethical and behavioural lessons. It's also endorsed by the Office of the eSafety Commissioner

Participating in Professional Development sessions where needed

These certified PD sessions will help you implement the Digital Licence in your school in case you need it, and our ‘game show’ sessions for students to engage with the eSmart Digital Licence before they begin are great fun! Workshops are tailored to suit time restrictions, number and age of students.

Getting all the support you need

We have handy hints and tips on how to get started, how to implement the eSmart Digital Licence (at school and at home), as well as activity packs for each module, access to a comprehensive digital glossary, an assessment rubric, plus online and phone support.


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