Teach children to be smart, safe and responsible online with the eSmart Digital Licence


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1 in 7
children reported being cyber bullied in the past 12 months

The eSmart Digital Licence is one of the most comprehensive online cyber safety resources available. It teaches school aged children critical digital skills and promotes discussion about online safety between young people and their parents, carers and teachers.

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Created by cyber safety experts, teachers and psychologists, this is a must have resource to keep your children safe online.

Primary DL Students

Now tailored to suit both Primary and Secondary aged students.

Secondary Content now addresses the problematic issues of risky behaviours online, messaging & location based apps, technology addiction, obsession & compulsion, relationships and reputation and digital footprint.

Primary Content now includes the importance of digital reputation, in app purchasing and traps & screen time implications.

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The Digital Licence was ‘Highly Commended’ in the 2015 Australia & New Zealand Internet Awards (ANZIA) for Security and Safety and Certified by the Office of the eSafety Commissioner.

Give children the confidence to be smart, safe and responsible online.

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There are over 200,000 students signed up to become smart, safe and responsible online.


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The web is a great place for kids to learn, be creative and stay connected. The eSmart Digital Licence is an innovative way of bringing critical online safety skills to families and young people.

Maile Carnegie – Managing Director, Google Australia and New Zealand

One aspect that appealed to me is how the eSmart Digital Licence also fosters continuing adult involvement in their children’s online lives. In our experience, this is a critical factor in ensuring that they learn how to be safe – and stay safe – online.

Chris Chapman – Chairman, Australian Communications and Media Authority

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